Most projects that we’re working on are posted to the Wulf Casting Newsgroup. The group is free to join, and allows talent to self-submit for consideration on all current projects. If you want to know what we’re working on and have a direct line for consideration, you’ll want to sign up to this list!


Once you’re signed up, make sure to add to your contacts list to receive the notices. Hotmail & Yahoo emails tend to push casting notices into spam, so we recommend registering with a Gmail (or other email) account if possible.




We’re ALWAYS interested in seeing new faces that are interested in commercial auditions and print modeling. You do not need to be an experienced professional to be scouted, and we’re seeking interesting types from any and all walks of life. Young or Old, New or Seasoned, any Shape, Age, Size or Type may apply via the link below. Want to get on our radar for future projects? Interested in being added to our international database of scouted talent? This is best way to be “Digitally Scouted” by Wulf Casting.


Now, filling out the scouting form does NOT mean we will sign you to an agency or manage you (see FAQ below) – we’re only interested in scouting new faces that don’t already audition for Wulf Casting regularly. There are no contracts or fees involved. If you currently have an agent or manager that sends you on auditions, you are still encouraged to fill out the form to be in our database. We respect the agent/talent protocols and we’ll get in touch with your representation for any future consideration.



Q. How did I sign up with your agency for representation?

A. Contrary to popular opinion, Wulf Casting is not talent agency. We do not represent models and actors, nor do we act as a placement agency for models. Wulf Casting operates as an extension of production, working with all Agencies, Managers and directly with unrepresented talent to find the best options for all the projects we’re casting. You do not need to have an agent in order to submit to our castings, we’re happy to work with you directly.

Q. How can I be considered for projects that you’re working on?

A. You can sign up for casting notices notices & fill out the Scouted form to get on our radar. Whether you have an agent or not, you are always welcome to self-submit for consideration.  If you sign up for Casting Notices via the link above, you’ll be notified directly whenever we release a project to the mailing list. Actors & Models should submit themselves on a per-project basis – so if you see a new project that fits your spec, you should email asap. Staying in touch with us on social media also helps to get on our radar for future considerations. We also recommend you submit via Casting Networks as many of our projects are posted through their service.

Q. Do you have Open Calls / General Go-Sees for new talent?

A. We do not currently host in-studio Go-Sees for new talent. All new face submissions are handled digitally, and we recommend you electronically submit yourself for future consideration via the Scouted form above.

Q. Do I need to live locally to be considered for a casting?

A. Most of the time, yes, but it depends on the production. Commercial projects usually cast talent from the city in which they are shooting, unless otherwise stated. Talent are usually expected to audition in person, often with short notice. We do not expect talent to fly in just to audition, nor do we want talent to submit if they are unable to audition in person. Some projects are booked via digital submissions only, without a live session, and we consider out of town submissions under these circumstances – provided talent can work as a local hire  and pay your own travel and lodging for the shoot. Circumstances always change, and we’re clear with expectations in the project notices.

Q. I see a project you’re working on but I don’t know how to submit – what should I do?

A. If you see a project we’re currently casting, but do not have the submission instructions, you are always welcome to send a submission via email to our general account: You should clearly indicate why you’re emailing if it’s for a specific project –  often times we have multiple castings and need to categorize submissions. Your email should also include your important information, specifically: Name, Phone, Email Address, and your Photos / Resume. Clarity and details are important and you do not want to do yourself a disservice.

Q. Is it OK if I call your office and ask questions?

A. Pretty much never! Please understand we have incredibly busy schedules and numerous client phone calls that take priority, and we cannot give time to answer questions regarding your career. Standard practice for any casting office and talent agency is to NEVER accepting cold calls. We expect talent to do the appropriate research to answer the majority of the questions you may have. To compensate for the No Calls policy, we’ve also provided the Mailing List and Scouting Submission forms, and you can always try to Email us or Direct Message us on our social media.



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